This volume will change the way we write our histories of Palestine and the Levant well beyond the next decade. It is a very important contribution to anyone working on the history of the Levant or Palestine.
Thomas L. Thompson, Professor emeritus, University of Copenhagen

This volume is a very important and a very fine piece of scholarship on the Levant. Its publication will without doubt enrich current historical, archaeological, anthropological and biblical approaches to the past of the region. I cannot wait to see the impact it will have on the field of ancient Levant studies.
Emanuel Pfoh, Researcher at the National Research Council, CONICET-Argentina, and Assistant Professor of History of Asia & Africa, National University of La Plata

This is an enormously ambitious project. It has set itself the very hard task of interweaving physical, social, and conceptual topographies which are all at least in some senses spatial, with cultural traditionality, the formation and vicissitudes of memory and record, and the everchanging behaviours of what we think of as ‘religion’. The volume sheds a good deal of often very exciting illumination on this quintessentially entangled zone.
Nicholas Purcell, Camden Professor of Ancient History, Oxford University