The breath and depth of this assembled collection will be welcomed by readers with different interests, from post-graduate students in Applied Linguistics to experts in the areas of L2 vocabulary and corpus-based studies. In sum, this volume constitutes a very valuable addition to the applied linguistics literature in general and to the area of lexical studies in particular.
Revista Española de Lingüística Aplicada, Vol. 24, 2011

All in all, this publication is invaluable to the non-expert in the fìeld, and it additionally admits very different readings by researchers on the teachìng and learning of languages and by anyone interested in English studies in the current situation of conflicting paradigms. It contains an incredible amount of information on new approaches to corpus linguistics both from a descriptive and an applied perspective.
Revista Canaria de Estudios Ingleses, Vol. 64, 2012

This volume is a welcome addition to the field in that it demonstrates a continuing research interest in applications of corpus-based methodologies to our understanding of language (specifically lexis) and, in turn, how we can use these insights to inform language teaching.
The Modern Language Journal, Vol. 96, Issue 1, 2012

American researchers in SLA who are more familiar with incidental vocabulary acquisition will find in this volume some informative pieces about a more explicit and interventionist approach to vocabulary learning well known in European English as a second language (ESL) circles—namely, the use of corpus-based methods to promote acquisition of second language (L2) lexis and, in particular, of L2 collocations.
Studies in Second Language Acquisition, Volume 34, Issue 03 (September 2012)